We’re delighted to welcome two new members to the Improper family, Derek Dow and Alexa Rosa, who will be doing the colouring and flatting honours respectively on Butterfly Gate.

You can check out more of Derek’s colouring work on deviant art and his blog, the pangeek emporium. Derek was one of several colourists who kindly tried out for Butterfly Gate, all of whom were great, but his pages beautifully matched the vision both Ben and Chris have for the series.

Alexa has been Derek’s partner on a number of colouring gigs, handling all of the prep. and flatting. She’s worked on various projects, including some for DC and Image. You can see some of Alexa’s work via deviant art.

They join Ben and Chris on the project, an ongoing story about two siblings on an odyssey through another world beyond the Butterfly Gate.

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