Hello there gals and ghouls,

Welcome back to my weekly, step-by-step, Halloween drawing activity! Today is our third spooky drawing. If you missed the previous ones, you can see them here: How To Draw… A Bat! and How To Draw… A Ghost!

Today it gets a bit more detailed, but not to worry, I’ll still break the drawing down into simple steps.

You will need a pencil, an eraser, and a thin black pen. The pen is optional. Oh, and a piece of paper! So gather your materials and get yourself comfy. Perhaps make a drink or snack for some mid-drawing nibbles? In previous posts, I’ve also recommended some spooky background music. Today I have to go with Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles. While the video wasn’t originally intended to be scary, in hindsight, it is a bit.

So! Let’s get drawing…












Hurray! You drew a mummy cat! Or perhaps you didn’t. Maybe half way through you got distracted and drew something else. That’s great too!

Whatever you drew, I’d love to see it. Share you pictures with me using the hashtag #ImproperHalloween.

Next Saturday will be the last step-by-step spooky drawing because Halloween will finally be here! Here’s a little peek at what we’ll be drawing…

See you then!



NIGHT POST, by Benjamin Read & Laura Trinder, is currently available in the United Kingdom thanks to supporting shops, and is due for a US/International release on the 9th December 2015, via Diamond Comics (Diamond Code: OCT151509).

Laura Trinder is a freelance illustrator, bookseller, and co-founder of Improper Books. Her days consist of reading, recommending, and creating books, which for a book-lover isn’t half bad. As a member of the Improper Books studio, she is working on comics and picture books for younger readers. NIGHT POST is her first venture into the world of sequential art.

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