This is in some respects the start for us. Although Ben, Chris and Laura have been working on Improper Books for a while, this is the first time their and all our hard work is going public.

After first collaborating together on the set of UK independent feature WARHOUSE, the trio discovered a mutual love for comics, illustrated books, and the darker side of fairy tales and set about making their own.

From that, the idea of Improper Books came about; a collective of writers, artists and designers with the know-how to make comics, books and apps, all of which have a touch of the fairy tale, the Gothic or the macabre, and focused on a creator-owned model that is fair to all involved.

Since then, we’ve grown to include other creatives – artists, colourists, designers, editors, letterers and writers – and expand the projects we’re planning and developing.

Over the next few months, we’ll be announcing more of the projects planned for this year and next. We’ve got a variety of things in the works, from comics and books, both print and digital, to iPad and Kindle apps, and for all ages too.

We hope you will enjoy our stories.

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